Villa Mirabello

Varese, Piazza Motta n. 4

Superb the sight on the Varese’s lake and on the mountains that surround it. In the park there are ancient trees and monumental as magnolias, holm oak, limes and platans. On the whole stately cedar of Lebanon: more than 28 meters high and a stem with circumference of almost 9 meters.

  • Friday 29 September
  • At 07:30 pm - Villa Mirabello  - Varese, Piazza Motta n. 4

    “I looked at the world that turned around me…”

    Considerations on leaves and plants of our cities

    Edited by Bruno Cerabolini, teacher of botany in the Università degli Studi dell’Insubria.
    Collateral event of the European Night of the Researchers, in collaboration with the Università degli Studi dell’Insubria.

  • Thursday 5 October
  • At 10:00 am - Villa Mirabello  - Varese, Piazza Motta n. 4

    Direction (to) Varese




    • Honorable, Member of Parliament Giancarlo Giorgetti coordinator
    • Alberto Coen Porisini, Magnificent Rector, Università dell’Insubria
    • Geminiello Albi, economist and essayist
    • Antonio Colafati, Università della Svizzera Italiana
    • Maurizio Lucchi, editor  La Prealpina
  • Friday 6 October
  • At 10:00 am, 11:00 am - Villa Mirabello  - Varese, Piazza Motta n. 4

    Musei Civici di Villa Mirabello

    Guided visits “Cult City inLombardia” in English, dedicated to children of secondary schools.

  • Saturday 7 October
  • At 06:30 pm - Villa Mirabello  - Varese, Piazza Motta n. 4

    Di ramo in ramo di villa in villa

    Episodes from Barone Rampante by Italo Calvino

    Arianna Scommegna reads the ninth episode:
    It was suspended to a trunk in his stuffed sack, with only the head out, as a bird. (from Italo Calvino)

    Reading to episodes from Il Barone Rampante in the enchanting scenography of the secular trees of the city parks. Every evening to the 18.30 ten excellent actors tell, day after day, the stories of Cosimo, the young baron that June 25 th 1767, after a banal quarrel with his father, jump on a tree, climbs among the branches, it passes from a plant to the other, and it decides that it won’t go down anymore.
    An evocative and symbolic narration, rich of mishaps and of meetings, of memorable characters, romantic and passionate loves, comic stories irresistibly.
    The interpreters bring in life a world fact of awakenings, of odors and noises that have the suggestive strength and prorompente of the nature to give form and voice to that world at the fantastic and poetic same time that makes of Calvino a great creator of imaginary universes and at the same time extremely shiny, real, actual.


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