Palazzo Estense

Via Luigi Sacco, 5 - Varese

Symbol of the City Garden, summer residence of of Francesco III of Este, sumptuous abode where to organize parties on open air. The Palace and Park Estense preserve, still today, a regal charm.

  • Friday 29 September
  • At 10:30 am - Palazzo Estense  - Via Luigi Sacco, 5 - Varese

    Opening of the Festival

    Regards of the Authorities and presentation of the program of Natures Urban edition 2017 with the presence of:

    • Mayor of Varese, Davide Galimberti
    • Deputy mayor of Varese, Daniele Zanzi
    • Alderman for the culture, Roberto Cecchi
    • Alderman for the education, Rossella Dimaggio


    Roberto Maroni, President of Regione Lombardia

    Gunnar Vincenzi, President of Provincia di Varese

    Andrea Carandini, Presidente FAI

  • Sunday 1 October
  • At 08:30 am - Palazzo Estense  - Via Luigi Sacco, 5 - Varese

    2° Granfondo Tre Valli Varesine

    Medio fondo e gran fondo

    Departure and arrival: Comune di Varese
    Run of the competition: from the center of the City Garden to the Valganna to the German Alp for then rgp toward Porto Ceresio, Ardena and Montegrino al Luinese. Return to Varese passing for the Dutch village of Roggiano, Brinzio, Castle Cabiaglio, Azzio, Gemonio, Caravate, Brebbia, Malgesso, Gavirate, to reach the center of Varese.

    Edited by Organization the Society Ciclistica Alfred Binda.
    Info: www.trevallivaresine.com

  • Monday 2 October
  • At 06:30 pm - Palazzo Estense  - Via Luigi Sacco, 5 - Varese

    Ecology Awards Varese City – Salvatore Furia

    To Stefano Mancuso


    • 06.30 pm, put to abode in the park of the Gardens Estensi of a sample of quercus castaneifolia in memory of Salavatore Furia
    • 09.00 pm, Ecology Awards Varese City – Salvatore Furia


    • Davide Galimberti, Mayor Comune di Varese
    • Daniel Zanzi, Deputy mayor Comune di Varese
    • Alberto Coen Porisini, Rector of  Università degli Studi dell’Insubria
    • Vanni Belli, President Astronomic Observatory “G. V. Schiaparelli”

    In collaboration with Università degli Studi dell’Insubria and Astronomic Observatory “G. V. Schiaparelli”, Varese


  • Tuesday 3 October
  • At 10:00 am - Palazzo Estense  - Via Luigi Sacco, 5 - Varese

    Tre Valli Varesine, 97esima edizione

    Departure from Saronno and arrival to Varese

    The run of the bike competition for professionals, crossing 200 kilometers, it crosses the roads of the whole province from the center of Saronno to the City garden, with arrival in Via Sacco, after a city circuit of around 13 kilometers repeated for 9 times.

    Edited by Organization the Society Ciclistica Alfred Binda. Info:

  • Wednesday 4 October
  • At 10:00 am, 11:00 am - Palazzo Estense  - Via Luigi Sacco, 5 - Varese

    Palazzo and Giardini Estensi

    Guided visits “Cult City inLombardia” in English, dedicated to children of secondary schools.

  • At 09:00 pm - Palazzo Estense  - Via Luigi Sacco, 5 - Varese

    Giovanni Agosti rereads Robert Wilson: the relationship among architecture, art and nature

    Giovanni Agosti will investigate her spirituality in the art of Robert Wilson with a particular focus on the relationship between the Sacro Monte of Varese and the Via Crucis of the American arist, spatial and sonour installation that represents the fourteen stations of the Croce.

    Inside the project “Cult City inLombardia“.

  • Thursday 5 October
  • At 09:00 pm - Palazzo Estense  - Via Luigi Sacco, 5 - Varese

    To cultivate the Landscape

    Projection of the short film “Le rupi del vino” directed by Ermanno Olmi; to follow: conference.

    The respect of the agriculture for the rural territory produces the beauty of the landscape. Landscape of quality doesn’t exist without agriculture of quality. The cinema has investigated the themes of the ancient agrarian wisdoms and the landscape in different occasions.
    A beautiful film knows in fact  how to communicate and to excite, to transmit feelings that show the cycle of the seasons and the flowing of the time.
    The evening foresees the projection of the short film ” Wine’s cliffs” of Ermanno Olmi, a film dedicated to the relationship among man, agriculture and landscape.
    The projection will be preceded by an introduction by Mario Allodi and it will continue with a conversation to more voices, that it will drive the public to the knowledge and the reflection of the landscape to observe and from “to cultivate.”


    • Introduction by Mario Allodi, landscape architect.
    • Projection short film.
    • Conversation with: Mario AllodiLuca Rendina, artist and journalist; Carlo Meazza, photographer; Antonio Pedretti, artist.
      Giuliana Gatti moderator, delegated AIAPP Lombardia – Provincia di Varese.

    In collaboration with the Associazione Italiana Architetti Paesaggisti.

  • Sunday 8 October
  • At 03:00 pm - Palazzo Estense  - Via Luigi Sacco, 5 - Varese

    Closing of the Festival


    • Davide Galimberti, mayor of Varese
    • Roberto Cecchi, alderman to the culture
    • Cristina Cappellini, alderman to the Cultures, Identity and Autonomies of Region Lombardy

    It will conclude:
    Ilaria Borletti Buitoni
    State Secretary for the Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo

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