Borgo di Mustonate

  • Sunday 1 October
  • At 03:00 pm, 04:00 pm - Borgo di Mustonate

    The spellbound garden

    Twelve theaters kamishibai. traditional theater of Japanese paper. to tell twelve histories of trees that speak to us of the nature and of landscape.

    There is the history of the tree that he cries that it tells us his difficulties with the air that breathes, that one of the tree of the great leaf on which  born houses and landscapes instead of growing fruits, the tree of the three cypresses that tell us a sweet history about an arboreal family, the history of umbrella tree that turns him into a merry-go-round to let the spectators sing, and as other histories in which the trees become metaphors of the nature with their joys and their problems. All made in a great circle inside which there are the spectators and, around them, Betty e Chicco Colombo.

    Duration:40 minutes; music live, interpreters: Betty and Chicco Colombo, music of Angelo Miglio.

    Activity for families. In collaboration with the Borgo di Mustonate.

    In case of rain the show will be held in the Salone delle Scuderie.

  • At 04:30 pm - Borgo di Mustonate

    The paths of the story

    Show by Arteatro

    The Borgo di Mustonate is crossed by paths that they cross it from the mountain toward the lake: from here paths they depart and they arrive that go to west toward the city and to east, toward the country.
    Along these paths histories are unraveled as that some Bridge of the devil along the Tinella or magic histories as that of the dormant sloth. Ancient legends of the Varese Lake still go up again awry for remembering past times and histories of fierce Crocodiles they go down from the mountain to arrive to the suburb. Histories of inhabitants of the suburb wake up again him to speak once of the job of and of what it misses today. Betty and Chicco Colombo they will conduct the spectators in a run that crosses the nature and the landscapes through the lake and the mountains telling us the beauty of this wonderful suburb.

    In collaboration with the Borgo di Mustonate.

    In case of rain the show will be held in Salone delle Scuderie.

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