Stefano Mancuso

Stefano Mancuso

Stefano Mancuso is the founder of the vegetable neurobiology. He’s an Ordinary teacher in the university of Florence and an ordinary academician of the academy of the Georgofili, he directs the International Laboratory of Neurobiologia Vegetale (LINV,, with centers in Florence, Kitakyushu, Bonn and Paris. It is member founder of the International Society for Plant Signaling & Behavior). It is Fellow Professor in numerous international universities. It is founder and Editor in Chief of the newspapers “Plant Signaling and Behavior” (USA) and “Advances in Horticultural Science.”
In 2010 he has been the first Italian scientist to be invited as talker in a TED GLOBAL. The video of the lecture, in Oxford has been visualized over 1 million times on the TED website.
In 2013 he publishes the famous bestseller “Bright Green” translated in 21 languages till now. In 2016 he is the first author of non German language to win the prize of Minister of the Science and Austrian Technology “Wissenschaftbuck des Jahres” for the scientific essay (
In 2014 he founded PNAT (, a start-up of the university in Florence for the creation of technology inspired by the plants. With PNAT he produces Jellyfish Barge, a floating greenhouse, autonomous and completely enviromental friendly green house, introduced to Expò 2015, with which he wins international prizes among which: 1th Classified “Innovative International Award Ideas and Technologies on Agribusiness” UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization); UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) 2th Classified “Ideas for Change Award”; USA Department of Agriculture. 1th Classified “Feeding the Accelerator” the innovation program of the USA Pavilion at Milan EXPO 2015 The New Yorker has included him among the world changers. The Republic among the 20 Italian ‘destined to change us the life.’ It has to his asset numerous volumes and over 300 scientific publications on international magazines.
In 2016 and 2017 he was invited by the President of the Republic of Chile to participate in the Congreso of the future near to the Senate of the Republic of Chile. From 2016 it is advisor of the Chilean government on the themes of the innovation. He has recently published for Giunti “Plant Revolution”, “Men that love the plants” and “Biodiversi” (written with Charles Petrini) With the Deproducers he has conceived the theatrical / musical show “Botany”.

    Monday 2 October

  • At 06:30 pm - Palazzo Estense  - Via Luigi Sacco, 5 - Varese

    Ecology Awards Varese City – Salvatore Furia

    To Stefano Mancuso


    • 06.30 pm, put to abode in the park of the Gardens Estensi of a sample of quercus castaneifolia in memory of Salavatore Furia
    • 09.00 pm, Ecology Awards Varese City – Salvatore Furia


    • Davide Galimberti, Mayor Comune di Varese
    • Daniel Zanzi, Deputy mayor Comune di Varese
    • Alberto Coen Porisini, Rector of  Università degli Studi dell’Insubria
    • Vanni Belli, President Astronomic Observatory “G. V. Schiaparelli”

    In collaboration with Università degli Studi dell’Insubria and Astronomic Observatory “G. V. Schiaparelli”, Varese


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