Pietro Fabris

Pietro Fabris

Pietro Fabris, is born to Varese in the 1983. When he was five year-old he receives the first lessons of violin from Helen Dancila Sirbu, the mother of the note violinist Marianna Sirbu. From 1992 to 1995 he continues his formation with Giancarlo Monterosso to Lugano. After he moved to German Switzerland . in Zug where he attends the music school of the city and he takes lessons from Albor Rosenfeld, that gives him the possibility to play in an orchestra for the first time: the juvenile orchestra of Zug, where he is first violin in the years 1999-2000. He won the second prize to the regional selections of the Swiss young contest in Lucerna (1996) and in Sarnen (1999). In 2000, finished the high school, he starts to study at the Conservatory in Zurich with Robert Zimansky. At the same time he exhibits for the first time as soloist with the juvenile orchestra of Zug with a concert of Vivaldi. In 2002 he enters to the orchestra symphonic juvenile Swiss remaining you for two years and with which he also exhibits in Berlin. In 2004 he reserves in the European juvenile orchestra Gustav Mahler. In 2006 he achieves the diploma with qualification to the concerts under teacher Zimansky’s guide, in 2008 the diploma with qualification for teaching. Today he regularly plays with the orchestra Collegium Musicum Zug and with different symphonic orchestras in Zurich. They count various partecipation of Pietro Fabris to summer courses of improvement to Les Arcs, Vienna, Zurich, Siena, Boswil, Lucca with Robert Zimansky, Thomas Christian, Zakhar Bron, Savior Accardo, Detlef Hahn, György Pauk, Pavel Vernikov besides courses of Baroque music with John Holloway, Stephen Montanari and Henry Onofri in Zurich. As first violin he has been selected by the teacher Christof Escher to perform a version reduced of the Cinderella of Rossini and with this he has been in tour in Switzerland and Germany. He has been chosen by the choreographer Marina Gantert as soloist for the Four Seasons of Vivaldi and he has performed in formation. He is graduated in disciplines of the music to Bologna.

    Sunday 8 October

  • At 11:00 am - Teatrino dell'oratorio di Velate  - Piazza Santo Stefano - Velate, Varese

    Pietro Fabris, Violin. Francesco Ricci, Piano


    • L. van Beethoven, Sonata n. 5 for Violin and Piano “La Primavera” in F major;
    • W.A. Mozart, Six Variations for Violin and Piano KV360;
    • L. van Beethoven, Sonata n. 7 for Violin and Piano in C minor op.30. n.2.

    The concert proposed by Pietro Fabris, violinist already from different years started to a bright international career, and from Francesco Ricci, figure of scientist and musician, degree with praise in astronomy and in piano, play two among the most important violin pages of all the eight hundred, both of Beethoven: the Sonata note as “Primavera”, because of the diffused music and the Sonata in C minor n.7 the more intensely expressive among the three of the op. 30. To the center of the concert as an oasis of peace, we will find instead six melancholy variations of Mozart K 360, once strong point of the great David Oistrakh.

    At the end of the concert, it will follow the visit of the garden and an aperitivo in the parvis of Villa Longoni-Bortoluzzi, (Via Piatti, n.1) a fascinating historical bulidng put in the heart of the suburb of Velate,  near the parish church.

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