Franco Branciaroli

Franco Branciaroli

    Saturday 30 September

  • At 06:30 pm - Villa Panza - FAI  - Biumo Superiore, piazza Litta n. 1

    Di ramo in ramo di villa in villa

    Episodes from Barone Rampante by Italo Calvino

    Franco Branciaroli reads the second episode:
    Well, wherever he went, we always had branches and leafy branches between we and the sky ( Italo Calvino)

    Reading episodes from Il Barone Rampante in the enchanting scenography of the secular trees of the city parks. Every evening at 6.30 pm ten excellent actors tell, day after day, the stories of Cosimo, the young baron that on June,25 , 1767, after a banal quarrel with his father, jump on a tree, climbs among the branches, he passes from a plant to another, and he decides that he won’t go down anymore.
    An evocative and symbolic narration, rich of obstacles and of meetings, of memorable characters, romantic and passionate loves, comic stories.
    The interpreters bring in life a world fact of awakenings, of smells and noises that have the suggestive strength and nature to  give form and voice to that world, fantastic and poetic  at the same time that makes of Calvino a great creator of imaginary universes and at the same time extremely shiny, real, actual.

    In case of raining the reading will be held in Salone Impero di Villa Panza-FAI

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