Betty and Chicco Colombo

Betty and Chicco Colombo

Elisabetta (BETTY) COLOMBO – She was born in Varese in 1951, and she was teacher of elementary school for twenty years. She leaves school to devote above all with his husband to the Theater for Childhood and with him she produces shows of puppets and theater of figure with which performs through Italy and Canton Ticino.
She places side by side to the activity of actress with the teaching and for a long time she reads out loud traditional and popular fables in the schools and in the libraries. She prepares different shows of animation to the reading that brings in libraries and in schools of every order and degree.
During the years she has built her career of narrator writing and interpreting shows of narration. She was formed by Roberto Anglisani, Marco Baliani, Laura Curino.
She has collaborated since 2012 with Bibliomedia of Biasca on the reading and with the schools of Mountain Carasso and of Manno on the animation to the reading. She has participated more times in the Festival of Narration of Arzo and she has performed with her shows of narration in a lot of places of the ticinese: Lamone, Locarno, Dalpe, Arbedo, Biasca, Lugano.
She lives in Cazzago Brabbia on the lake of Varese.

ENRICO COLOMBO – After he had finished the Scuola del Piccolo Teatro in Milan, in 1978 he decided to found the Theater of the Puppets of Varese, where he starts his carreer as puppeteer, untill today.
In 1979 he works as actor in Teatro del Sole in Milan and he goes for nine years to the studio of the painter Pierluigi Talamoni, in Varese.
In 1999 it constitutes with other young artists and Betty Colombo the association of Arteatro of Cazzago Brabbia.
With Arteatro, Enrico Colombo proposes his artistic, theatrical, educational projects to schools, of every order and degree. In his career of puppeteer, he has created 37 shows introduced in Italy.
Enrico Colombo, with his job, has set particular attention to the the exploitation of the territory, where he has organized numerous activities of his art through his festival.
In Cazzago Brabbia, he has founded the Teatro Piccolo, that in 19 years of activity, it has become a point of important theatrical reference.
From 2008 to 2011 the Foundation Cariplo has selected “Arteatro” as one of the 22 more important Theatrical Residences of Lombardy.
Enrico Colombo has also developed, at the same time, his theatrical activity and his painter’s passion, using it in theater and for pleasure, for himself and for the others.

    Sunday 1 October

  • At 03:00 pm, 04:00 pm - Borgo di Mustonate

    The spellbound garden

    Twelve theaters kamishibai. traditional theater of Japanese paper. to tell twelve histories of trees that speak to us of the nature and of landscape.

    There is the history of the tree that he cries that it tells us his difficulties with the air that breathes, that one of the tree of the great leaf on which  born houses and landscapes instead of growing fruits, the tree of the three cypresses that tell us a sweet history about an arboreal family, the history of umbrella tree that turns him into a merry-go-round to let the spectators sing, and as other histories in which the trees become metaphors of the nature with their joys and their problems. All made in a great circle inside which there are the spectators and, around them, Betty e Chicco Colombo.

    Duration:40 minutes; music live, interpreters: Betty and Chicco Colombo, music of Angelo Miglio.

    Activity for families. In collaboration with the Borgo di Mustonate.

    In case of rain the show will be held in the Salone delle Scuderie.

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