Arianna Scommegna

Arianna Scommegna

She was born in Milan in 15/11/73, as actress she graduates in 1996 near at the”School of art dramatic Paul Grassi” of Milan.
Lina Volonghi prize in ’96. Prize of the Criticism 2010, Hystrio Prize 2011, Ubu Prize 2014.
From 1996 she one of the founder of the theatrical company ATIR of Milan, where she recited in the shows directed from Serene Sinigaglia:
“Romeo and Juliet” (from 1996/2010), “Lear. or all on my father” of W.Shakespeare (2002/2004), “Where is the wonderful life” of R. Ciaravino (1999) “as a camel in an eaves” drawn by the “Letters of the death row inmates of the European resistance” (1996 / 2011), “Baccanti” (1998/2000) and “Troiane” of Euripide (2004/2006), “Women in parliament” of Aristofane (2007), “here m’s city”. of Peter Colaprico (2006/2015), “Than To From In With Above For Among Among Shakespeare” (2005/2015) of S. Sinigaglia, “You Torch under the moggio” (2012) of Dannunzio, “Possible Rebellions” (2012/2014) of Garcia Araus and Garcia Yague.
She has recited in the show “Return in house “of Pinter, directed by Peter Stein in the role of “Ruth” (for which has won the Ubu Prize 2014) ,she debut to the festival of Spoleto in 2013 and she is still in tour in the different Italian theaters.
With Gigi Dall’Aglio (director), she has recited in the following shows:
“Terror and poverty of the third Reich” of Brecht.
“Cleopatràs” and “Mater Strangosciàs” of Testori, currently in tour from 2009 in the different Italian theaters.
With the direction of Gabriele Vacis has recited in the shows:
“The Soft ones, fun behind Joyce” of Vacis and Scommegna, currently in tour from the 2001. production Atir.
“Vocation” from Goethe, Stable production in Turin 2003
With the Company Dionisi directed by Renata Ciaravino recites in the monologue:
“I could be me” (2013/2015) directed from Serene Sinigaglia.
With the regal one of Giampiero Rappa has recited in the show:
“The courage of Adele” with Phillip Dini. Production Franco Parenti 2014.
With the regal one of Veronica Cruciani has recited in the shows:
“The return” of Sergio Pierattini and “You Gym times 18.00” of George Scianna, currently in tour from 2011
With the regal one of Cristina Pezzoli has recited in the show:
“Mother Courage” in 2008 with Isa Danieli. Production The Hypocrites, Naples.
In the cinema she has interpreted the role of mother in “Scialla!” directed by Francesco Bruni (Winner of Controcampo Italiano to the Festival in Venice 2011), in the film “La variabile umana” she has interpreted the role of Ruth and a young actress in the film “Il dolce rumore della vita” of Giuseppe Bertolucci. And’she is interpreter of the film “Il colore nascosto delle cose” of Silvio Soldini.
Moreover, she’s actress and trainer in the special project of the to.T.The.R. “The spaces of the theater”: a permanent laboratory of social theater for people with disabilities.

    Saturday 7 October

  • At 06:30 pm - Villa Mirabello  - Varese, Piazza Motta n. 4

    Di ramo in ramo di villa in villa

    Episodes from Barone Rampante by Italo Calvino

    Arianna Scommegna reads the ninth episode:
    It was suspended to a trunk in his stuffed sack, with only the head out, as a bird. (from Italo Calvino)

    Reading to episodes from Il Barone Rampante in the enchanting scenography of the secular trees of the city parks. Every evening to the 18.30 ten excellent actors tell, day after day, the stories of Cosimo, the young baron that June 25 th 1767, after a banal quarrel with his father, jump on a tree, climbs among the branches, it passes from a plant to the other, and it decides that it won’t go down anymore.
    An evocative and symbolic narration, rich of mishaps and of meetings, of memorable characters, romantic and passionate loves, comic stories irresistibly.
    The interpreters bring in life a world fact of awakenings, of odors and noises that have the suggestive strength and prorompente of the nature to give form and voice to that world at the fantastic and poetic same time that makes of Calvino a great creator of imaginary universes and at the same time extremely shiny, real, actual.


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