10 days of great events inspired by nature, culture and environment

The Italian and European cities take the challenge of  this century : a deep transformation in the relationship between city and nature, between consumption and environment, between convenience and quality of life. A challenge that Varese had in Dna for centuries, and a history that gave to the city the nickname of “City garden”. A history which took Varese to become a model of virtuous integration between nature and city and that today it makes Varese a place to project in the world proposals and experiences, in order to improve the future of Italian and European cities.

For this reason it was born Nature Urbane, the only national event that wants to become a cultural place of changes  in our old but wonderful country.

Nature Urbane create a unique combination between meetings in wonderful places and two different paths, born to the union of landscape and city. So: 24 villas and gardens, of which the half are private and open for the first time; more than 140 thematic visits; 46 paths for schools; 8 enviromental itineraries; more than 30 events and activities among which lectures, readings,video, concerts, animations and laboratories for families.

Varese, with his enviromental and landscaping heritage, is one of the the Italian excellences. The program of Nature Urbane, based on researches, shows, experiences will take to a deep reflection on landscape, nature, culture.

It will so deeply stimulate reflections and perceptions with landscape at the center of them and the relationship between nature and urbanization, so important in Varese, which has marked the change of the cities in Europe and in the principal cities of the world. Varese beginning from this year projects in his future and in the world’s future his own model of urbanization eco-friendly and puts on the center of a global debate that has had to few kilometers, in Milan, a virtuous example, with the Vertical Wood of Stefano Boeri. For this reason Nature Urbane could become a fixed annual appointment to national and international level for all those people that believe in change of cities and of relationship between nature and urbanization and also for all people who love architecture, nature, culture and landscape.

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